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Recession and the continued downward spiral of mineral prices is forcing all excavation engineers to produce more and more from less and less. To be competitive, production costs have to drop drastically. One of the ways to reduce the production costs is to get better blasts and reap the rewards in terms of reduction in loading, hauling and crushing costs.

Get better blast results by using high quality explosives
Apart from better blast design, you will need to use high quality explosives to get better blast results. Hence, determining the Velocity of Detonation (VOD) is essential to assess the quality of the explosive. Till now, it has been difficult to know the VOD of explosives being used. Download formula for selection of explosives

Fortunately, Uttam Blastech's VOD Meter has been developed after many years of extensive research to help measure the Velocity of Detonation (VOD) of the explosives in your mines with high accuracy and ease. You have the flexibility to either purchase the product or avail our services to test the samples at your site. This is solely based on your convenience. Read our brochure for more details.

High standard deviation may lead to poor blast results
Another important aspect governing the quality of blasts, production of vibrations and noise is the accuracy of delay. When manufactures specify the delay timing, it's called nominal delay, that means it's likely to go at that delay +/- Standard Deviation. If the deviation is too high then the delay may lead to bad blasts.

Request a quote to test the accuracy of delay of your samples in your mines. Click to download the brochure.

Obtain MOEF clearance with the help of Uttam Blastech
You may be aware, Vibration and slope stability studies are compulsory for obtaining MOEF clearance. You would be glad to know that Uttam offers these service apart from subsidence prediction and ventilation planning. To know more about our services click here.

With the average size of mine, excavation and the villages increasing; this may lead to man mine conflict. Download a paper on this, I co-authored with a brilliant Oxford Educated young Advocate. This paper was submitted in the 6th Asian Mining Congress, Held at Calcutta, in February 2016.

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